Safe in the Lion’s Den

blog 12.21.12

Daddy laid the lion across the top step leading into our single-wide trailer.  Like a farm cat proffering a slain field mouse as a fit sacrifice and feat of strength to his human, Daddy’s eyes gleamed  with pride.  His grin widened when in reverence I whispered, “You killed a lion!”  As a three-year old, I did not know the difference between a bobcat and a lion.  With sharp teeth and sharper claws, either could kill me.  I knew all I needed to know.  Daddy could kill lions. I suppose Daddy knew what he needed to know, as well.  At least he could keep me safe from lions.  This is my first memory.  Little did I know when I was three, lions are the easiest predators to keep at bay.

© Amy Persons Parkes 2012


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