Invitation (a prayer)

As surely as the envelope comes in the mail,
or the phone rings with opportunity,
or the innocent child asks, “Will you come play with me?” –
you, O God, invite me
to taste and see,
to hear and heal,
to know and be known.

With tenderness and vulnerability,
I pry open the sealed note of this moment
and pray with hope
that I will be available
and able
to respond
to You.


© Amy Persons Parkes 2011
(written as part of the final project for the Two-Year Academy of Spiritual Formaion #30)

4 thoughts on “Invitation (a prayer)

  1. Dear Amy, Milree tells me you’ve accepted a charge – an invitation. Of course I’m delighted for you – and of course I’ll miss you heaps, as will all of the Maple Grove community.
    I too, have lived in several communities and the beautiful part is – they are all now home.
    I am so grateful for your many gifts, to all of us, and particularly Morar. Your faith, your energy, your honesty, and your love will always be a part of each of us. And of course your new home in Florida is ever so fortunate to know and learn the delights of Rev. Amy.
    Un grand merci, cher amie,
    Bisous, Heather

    • Heather, thank you for these beautiful words – they are grace and goodness for me as I prepare to depart. I, too, have been the recipient of so many gifts here at Maple Grove, in Canada, and with the United Church — not to mention the gifts of welcome, acceptance, challenge, love, and presence that I have received from you and so many others at Maple Grove. I will hold these words, memories, and gifts and treasure them in my heart as I move forward in my journey. You will remain my friend.

  2. Amy:
    I’m thrilled to know that you are returning to these “muddy flats” and will be “point person” for His Grace in the St. Andrew community. Knowing, also, of some of the changes that will accompany this transition, I have an inkling of the size of the “envelope”. His Grace is quite sufficient and every opening of “the envelope” of the moment brings thrill and challenge. Only trust Him!
    Peace, Rabbi Lisenburg

    • Rabbi,

      You have always been a wonderful teacher — and still, though the years and miles have been between us – you teach me! Thank you for your note and your encouragement. I am very much looking forward to being with you and returning to ministry within our conference. God is good, and I am trying to trust that God’s grace will supply all I need. You may have to remind me of that a few times…

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