Take a Load Off

“For all must carry their own loads.”
                                             Galatians 6:5 NRSV

Paw’s load was pecans, and Granny’s load was Paw.  Granny carried more than her share.  Too bad Paw never learned to carry himself; and sadly, Granny waited until he died to live.

Carry your own load now.  Don’t wait for someone to die because the insurance money will only insure the probability that others will line up sooner rather than later, wanting you to pick up where they recently left off.

Everyone must carry their own load.  Now is the time to take an inventory of what you need to see about yourself, the laundry list of inescapable strengths and weaknesses that parade behind you like a waddling line of downy yellow ducklings.  They will follow you anywhere.

Tend to your own load lest those ducklings obediently plunge off the precipice of your self-deceit.  You wouldn’t have flown so far down if you had known the ducklings were far too immature to fly.

Yes, Wisdom, help me to carry my own load.

© Amy Persons Parkes 2013

duck crossing

4 thoughts on “Take a Load Off

  1. Thank you for your blog. It was good to be with you in worship today. I think it was a sign from God that lightning hit the church! A new Pentacost!

  2. Lightning hit your church? Wow, Amy – you always leave a bang of an impression. This next stage sounds like no exception. I’m missing you and think of you often in your new charge. Sending much love,

  3. My question regards the lightening…. sometimes it starts at the ground and goes up…. sometimes it starts in the atmosphere (up there) and goes down…. which was it? Think it makes a difference….. I have a hint born of a number of years of experience with “thunderheads” originating around Hurtsboro that the strike moved upwards….
    glad to know you haven’t lost your touch.
    Shalom, Rabbi Lisenburg

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