Don’t Fight Lions


“Willpower is not the way of life we are seeking.  Surrender is… By surrendering to powerlessness, I gain the presence of mind to stop wasting my time and energy trying to change and control that which I cannot change and control…We learn to stop fighting lions, simply because we cannot win.”

Melodie Beattie, The Language of Letting Go

I will open that drawer
and you
will fall out.
Pieces of you
will flap
and flutter about.

I will open that drawer
and you will spill
into my lap.
little beads of you
will descend.

I will open that drawer
and you will lift
a kingly mane,
nostrils flaring
for freedom
and for prey.

I will open that drawer.
will breathe.
will roar.

© Amy Persons Parkes 2014

6 thoughts on “Don’t Fight Lions

    • Sue, I can’t count the number of times I have thought of you and your ability to face all manner of situations with finesse and grace while maintaining your core values. I am grateful for your response. Journey on, sister.

    • Andy, every time I write something that is meaningful to me, I swear to you that I struggle against the belief that all other people will read it and find it completely meaningless. You remind me to continue to struggle with such “stinking thinking.” Write on, my friend. Your story, your words, your images – you are a writer. And thank you, for all the times you have encouraged me to keep writing. Peace, brother.

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