Emptying Power

Risen Christ,
with adoration and awe, we stand before an empty tomb
with thanksgiving and gratitude, we bow before an empty cross.
Help us to recognize the barren cross and the open tomb
as symbols of your victory over suffering and death.
Grant that we may know the power of your resurrecting love
breathing life into our dying,
sprouting seeds of love within our barren hearts,
and sweeping away the cobwebs of resignation and apathy in our minds.
Risen One, show us in the emptiness of our lives,
the fullness of your glory.  Amen.

© Amy Persons Parkes 2015

7 thoughts on “Emptying Power

      • Thank you! Between your prayer and Sam’s post today, my Holy Week journey is rich. Makes up for the prank I had pulled on me today: Pat McKee picked up my costume for the children’s time Easter Sunday and emailed that the head was broken so they substituted it with a giraffe! I had already voice mailed and emailed to complain and was wondering how I could write a script for the Easter Giraffe before I found out it was a prank!

  1. Amy, this is a beautiful prayer. Every picture I’ve seen of you lately makes me think you are very happy and loving life. So happy for you.

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